Alongside Solution Video

Instructions for screen reader users:

Find the play button using the forms list dialog, and press Enter. Then, press tab, and then press shift-tab. Focus should  be on the play button. Finally, press the spacebar key to activate the Play button.

See how Courseload is bringing new tools, technologies, and approaches to the digital transformation and accessibility for all.  Watch Marsha use JAWS, a braille reader, and keyboard-only control as she collaborates in Courseload while reading remediated content Alongside in Microsoft Word. 

As higher education institutions direct their focus on the success of disabled students, Disabled Student Services (DSS) organizations are forced to shoulder much of the responsibility, often with limited resources. Courseload is committed to supporting these organizations by protecting their previous investments and assisting with the acquisition of new content from a variety of sources for remediation.

For more information about the Alongside Solution, go to the Accessibility Roadmap page.