Courseload Engage Instructor Training

August 2014 Engage Training Update: The Training Overview and four modules of Courseload's Instructor Training have been updated for Courseload Engage. There are many new and exciting changes in this release our product, and we recommend that you complete all of these modules even if you completed our training before. As before, the training includes instructional videos, exercises, and self-checks. The times listed below for each module represents the instructional video portion of the module. The actual completion time will vary for each learner and will be dependent on the length of time needed to complete the exercises and self-checks.

Training Overview


A brief overview of what to expect in this training.

Transcript - Training Overview

Introduction to Courseload Engage


This module introduces you to Courseload Engage platform and discusses the benefits to both instructors and students.

Transcript - Introduction to Courseload Engage

Using Courseload Engage


In this module, you explore how to access Courseload Engage and navigate the system.

Transcript - Using Courseload Engage

Engaging with Course Material


During this module, you go beyond navigation to discover Courseload Engage’s content engagement tools: bookmarks, highlights, notes, tags, and the Summary View of Notes.

Transcript - Engaging with Course Material

Courseload Engage Administration


Courseload Engage provides instructor-specific tools, so you can manage your courses. In this module, you look at incorporating additional content, using collections, copying courses, printing content and getting help.

Transcript - Courseload Engage Administration