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Courseload Welcomes Joseph Costanzo as Senior Vice President, Sales

March 17, 2014

Deep Experience with Educational Technology Key to Continuing Courseload’s Growth

INDIANAPOLIS, March 18, 2014—Courseload, an institutional solution for the delivery and use of eTextbooks and digital course materials in higher education, is pleased to welcome Joseph Costanzo as its Senior Vice President of Sales.

Costanzo was an early pioneer in learning technology as a member of the founding management team of Eduprise, which offered enterprise eLearning solutions for education providers. In addition, Costanzo’s experience extends throughout the education and technology sectors. He most recently held high-level positions with leading educational technology companies such as eChalk and TetraData Corporation, where he recruited top-level sales talent and grew company revenue through strategic business development efforts.

“I am thrilled that Joe has chosen to join the Courseload team,” said Mickey Levitan, Courseload CEO. “His impressive track record of building and leading high-performing sales teams in the educational technology space and his shared vision for Courseload as a leading innovator in the transition to digital course materials make him an immediate asset to the team. ”

At Courseload, Costanzo will have oversight of the strategic direction, expansion and operation of the sales organization; be responsible for developing and implementing a sales strategy to generate revenue and; develop and maintain key partnerships to help expand Courseload's reach in higher education.

“I am honored to join an impassioned team focused on positively impacting both affordability and learning outcomes in higher education,” said Costanzo. “I absolutely believe that the Courseload vision for the future of higher education—one of a transition to digital that provides tangible benefits to students, faculty and administrators—is the right one and I’m excited to do my part in furthering the mission.”

Costanzo joins a Courseload team that was recently recognized by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as one of the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” for a third consecutive year.

Courseload Named to “Best Places to Work in Indiana” List for Third Consecutive Year

March 11, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS, March 11, 2014 –Courseload, an institutional solution for the delivery and use of eTextbooks and digital course materials in higher education, is pleased to announce that the Indiana Chamber of Commerce named it, once again, as one of the “Best Places to Work in Indiana”. This is the third year in a row Courseload has been honored in the statewide survey and awards program.

“We feel privileged to again be named as one of the ‘Best Places to Work in Indiana’ along with a distinguished list of companies,” said Mickey Levitan, CEO of Courseload. “We pride ourselves on nurturing a culture that values partnership and teamwork and it is always nice when these qualities recognized, either by our customers or organizations such as the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.”

Courseload will be recognized and honored at the 2013 Best Places to Work in Indiana Awards Dinner coordinated by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce on May 1, 2014, where final rankings will be announced. In addition, all of the ranked companies will be recognized via a special section of the Indiana Chamber’s bimonthly BizVoice® magazine and through Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick.

Courseload Releases Courseload Engage Learning Application for Faculty and Students

January 7, 2014

Latest Release Creates an Integrated Learning Experience with Enhanced Usability and Engagement

INDIANAPOLIS, January 7, 2014—Courseload, an institutional solution for the delivery and use of eTextbooks and digital course materials in higher education, today announced the release of Courseload Engage (Engage), its next generation application designed to enhance engagement and collaboration between students and instructors.

The Engage release is punctuated by a focus on usability, informed by Courseload’s commitment to extensive testing with instructors and students. Based on the belief that tools for learning should incorporate the user-design innovations that have emerged in recreational computing, Engage brings the “best of the best” to its users.

“As a student who is constantly using technology, I find Engage much more intuitive and easy to navigate than many of the other tools I’m using for my classwork. While I enjoyed using the previous version of Courseload, I’m discovering some new features and finding little tweaks that make some of my favorite features more effective,” said Violeta Geanina Tregoning, a student at Boise State University and an early tester of Engage.

In addition to user-centered design enhancements, Engage reinforces Courseload’s leadership in:

  • Engagement-driven learning experiences constructed by faculty and instructional designers around all course materials, regardless of source or type.
  • Social teaching and learning with efficient workflows that encourage interaction and active learning environments.
  • Analytics-driven understanding of content use and potential learning roadblocks through real-time data capture and enhanced visualizations.

According to Steve Scott, Chief Technology Officer for Courseload, user research and testing will remain at the foundation of Courseload’s development process. “We will continue to employ field research to understand the day-to-day needs of our users to ensure that our design is solving these challenges and that we’re developing products that enrich the learning environment while being a pleasure to use.”

Engage is the first in a new and growing portfolio of applications designed around role-specific challenges, such as course design, accessible content mediation and administrative analysis. “With the release of Engage, we’re deploying a new architecture that enables us to respond quickly to user feedback, to swiftly develop new applications for specific user roles, and to easily integrate with other elements of the rapidly evolving learning technology ecosystem,” said Mickey Levitan, Courseload CEO.

Courseload Joins Readium Foundation to Help Advance Digital Content Development for EPUB and Open Web Platform

November 19, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS, November 19, 2013—Courseload, an institutional solution for the delivery and use of eTextbooks and digital course materials in higher education, today announced its membership in the Readium Foundation (, a not-for-profit consortium established in 2013 to develop commercial-grade open source components to advance digital publishing for EPUB and the Open Web Platform.

Through its membership in the Readium Foundation, Courseload will work alongside fellow members from the global digital publishing industry to develop solutions, such as technologies for the production and delivery of interoperable and accessible digital publications, and incorporate this technology more quickly to accelerate the broad adoption of EPUB and Open Web Platform.

“As we continue to focus on removing barriers to a digital future for higher education that is inclusive of all, we understand the need for collaboration from every aspect of the content ecosystem. To that end, we are pleased to join the Readium Foundation and contribute to the goal of an adaptive learning environment that provides greater access and enhanced pedagogy through born-accessible content,” said Steve Scott, Chief Technology Officer at Courseload.

George Kerscher of the DAISY Consortium has worked with Courseload on its Accessibility Advisory Board. He sees this membership as further evidence of a commitment to an all-inclusive digital future. “Courseload’s mission aligns with that of the Readium Foundation, which brings together participants from the publishing and technology industries to meet end-user needs, as well as national disability legislation and obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.”

Bill McCoy, President of the Readium Foundation and Executive Director of the International Digital Publishing Forum, agrees. “Courseload’s membership not only brings financial and development support that will help us accelerate the Readium Foundation’s progress, but also helps to shine a broader spotlight on accessibility as an essential component of the next generation of digital content in education.”

Berkeley College Sees 12.5 Percent Increase in One Year Retention for New Online Students with Courseload and Other Efforts

October 16, 2013

Day-one Access and Increased Collaboration Offered by Courseload Digital Course Materials Platform Contributed to Improvement

Indianapolis, Ind. October 16, 2013—Courseload, an educational technology and services solution for the delivery and use of eTextbooks and other digital course materials, and Berkeley College are pleased to announce an increase in student retention for the Berkeley College OnlineTM program through student success efforts led by the College, which included the implementation of Courseload.

Berkeley College selected Courseload following an initial pilot, which yielded overwhelmingly positive feedback and quickly expanded to the entirety of its Berkeley College Online program (approximately 250 to 275 sections per quarter). Courseload was selected for its ability to address Berkeley College’s three key areas of need: a single sign-on with Berkeley College’s learning management system, the collaboration tools (highlighting, annotations, etc.) within the course materials, and analytics that could be used in performance evaluations and course material assessments.

The Berkeley College evaluation team initially looked at a number of providers before deciding on Courseload because it met or exceeded all of their established requirements. “In addition to just meeting our needs, Courseload offered that extra ‘experience’ we were looking for in a partner. They understood our needs and were willing to work with us on making enhancements,” said Joe Canova, Director of Systems User Support, Information Systems at Berkeley College.

Through the implementation of Courseload and its other student success efforts, Berkeley College recognized the following improvements for its Berkeley College Online program:

  • 12.5 percent increase in one-year retention for new students.
  • 7 percent year-over-year increase in overall student retention.

In addition, Berkeley College surveyed its faculty and students, both during the original pilot and following the initial implementation, regarding the use of Courseload for eTexts and digital course materials and found:

  • 74 percent of students in the pilot enjoyed using Courseload for course content.
  • 90 percent of faculty surveyed following initial implementation agreed that Courseload offers the same or better value for their students than a printed textbook.
  • 81 percent of faculty surveyed following initial implementation noted that using Courseload makes it possible to engage with students earlier in the term, utilizing a full 12 weeks for instruction.

"These results demonstrate how a pioneering institution like Berkeley College can take advantage of Courseload’s unique business model, technology and partnership to advance their goals around access, affordability and success,” said Mickey Levitan, CEO and founder of Courseload. “We value our collaboration with Berkeley College and look forward to working together to build upon their already substantial achievements."

“Courseload's client support has been great. They are always receptive to our suggestions, probably more than any other vendor I have dealt with in my career. Many of our ideas end up in future releases. It is a pleasure to deal with such a collaborative organization like Courseload,” said Berkeley College Chief Information Officer, Len DeBotton.

To learn more, read the full case study.

Courseload and Indiana University eText Initiative Wins Gold at IMS Global Learning Impact 2013 Conference

May 29, 2013

Program results include improved access to course materials, increased affordability and improved quality of learning across IU’s eight campuses

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Courseload, Inc. and Indiana University were recently recognized as a gold recipient in the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Learning Impact Awards. Representatives from Courseload and IU accepted the award at the IMS Global Learning Impact 2013 conference.

The Courseload-IU eTexts and digital course materials initiative received the Learning Impact Award as a result of the representative use of technology to address the challenges faced by the global learning community. Courseload is an innovator in the aggregation, delivery and use of eTexts and digital course materials.

“Courseload at Indiana University provides a great example of the type of world-class innovation that the Learning Impact Awards were designed to recognize,” said Dr. Rob Abel, chief executive officer of IMS Global. “The net result simultaneously improves access, affordability and quality of the educational experience at Indiana University.”

The Courseload platform, which has been adopted on a broad scale at IU since 2011, is currently in use by over 10,000 students in more than 250 sections.

“We’re very pleased to be recognized with Courseload for leading the way on this important initiative,” said Anastasia Morrone, associate vice president for learning technologies at IU. “IU’s strategy for devices respects students’ choices in a rapidly evolving world, while Courseload’s innovations — support on any device, real-time analytics for faculty and accessible collaboration features for users of all abilities — enable IU to decrease student costs and improve teaching and learning.”

IU’s Courseload implementation enables the following benefits:

Improved access

  • Immediate access to all course materials in a course using eTexts, allowing learning to begin on day one
  • Access to all digital course materials for duration of student’s enrollment at IU
  • Course materials readily available on any device using a modern web browser with printing options

Increased affordability

  • Incorporation of free or lower-cost open source materials and faculty-generated content
  • Aggregated demand creating the conditions for the lowest pricing for content

Improved quality of learning

  • Real-time engagement analytics with all text-based course materials
  • Instructor contextual guidance through annotations within the digital course materials, improving students’ understanding
  • Collaborative tools that turn a passive reading experience into a more active process in which knowledge is co-constructed

"We’re very pleased to be recognized with Indiana University for this award. From our pilots in 2009 to the present, Indiana University has been a valuable partner in helping Courseload to craft a cutting-edge solution,” said John Falchi, Courseload senior vice president of academic and business partnerships. “We look forward to continuing our partnership and seeing even more improvements in affordability and student success through innovation and collaboration."

Learn more about the use of the Courseload digital course materials platform at Indiana University:

Indiana University Recognized as 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate for eText Program

May 10, 2013

IDG’s Computerworld Honors Program recently named Indiana University as a 2013 Laureate. The annual award program honors visionary information technology applications that promote positive social, economic and educational change.

Indiana University earned the distinction for its pioneering eTexts initiative and recent wireless network upgrade to ensure reliable and secure access to digital materials. Indiana University’s eTexts program lets students work with leading textbooks or faculty-edited course packs on just about any computer, tablet or smartphone. The eTexts deals also include online simulations, tutorials and labs that provide additional ways for students to learn.

Read more about the recognition of Indiana University's eTexts program using Courseload.

Ball State Works with Courseload to Expand Faculty Adoption of Digital Content

April 10, 2013

By Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology

Campus Technology Logo

Ball State University will be promoting greater use of digital course materials among faculty members and students following completion of an e-textbook pilot. The Muncie, IN-based campus has been testing the use of curriculum from Flat World Knowledge and delivered by distributors Courseload and Barnes & Noble since January 2012. Now the university plans to participate in Courseload's eContent Readiness Program to build out use of digital content among its 21,000 students.

"We evaluated Courseload during a pilot program last year as a means for delivering textbook content to students in a digital format," said Yasemin Tunc, assistant vice president for academic solutions. "Courseload was selected based on simplicity, accessibility, and the additional teaching tools it provides for both the faculty and students as they interact with content."

Among those features provided by Courseload:

  • The ability for an instructor to pull together content from multiple sources;
  • A means for distributingn content to students based on what classes they're in;
  • A set of tools for highlighting, annotations, search, evaluation, and collaboration;
  • Analytics to expose students' use of content; and
  • Management of the transaction of selling the curriculum to students for a given course.

The Courseload program will provide Ball State with people to help recruit faculty and help them make the transition to digital course content, manage re-engineering of business processes related to curriculum, and perform support for faculty and students in the use of the digital formats, among other services.

BSU, Courseload Reach eText Deal

April 9, 2013

Ball State University is expanding a partnership with Indianapolis-based Courseload Inc. to provide digital textbooks to students. The school completed a pilot program with the company last year.

Read more about the partnership between Ball State University and Courseload.

Courseload to Help Guide eContent Expansion at Ball State University

April 9, 2013

Courseload, Inc., the leading innovator in the aggregation, delivery and use of digital course materials, today announced that Ball State University has chosen the Courseload eContent Readiness Program (CERP) to help guide broad-scale eContent adoption at its 21,000-student campus.

Following the success of a recent pilot with Courseload, Ball State made the decision to move forward with an expansion of its digital course materials initiative via the CERP, an institution-specific, multi-phased planning and implementation methodology to advance the use of digital course materials.

“We evaluated Courseload during a pilot program last year as a means for delivering textbook content to students in a digital format,” said Yasemin Tunc, assistant vice president for academic solutions. “Courseload was selected based on simplicity, accessibility, and the additional teaching tools it provides for both the faculty and students as they interact with content.”

The CERP includes a dedicated launch team to guide participating institutions through every aspect of the transition to digital course materials, including course and program selection and rollout, eContent strategy, business process alignment, faculty recruitment and growth, communication, and faculty and student support services.

“This program helps educational institutions such as Ball State recognize the academic return on investment from transitioning to digital course materials, enabled by Courseload’s award-winning platform and innovative business model,” said senior vice president of academic and business partnerships, John Falchi.