What are people saying about Courseload?

  • “Working with the Courseload team truly feels like a partnership. Ball State is very focused on creating a holistic solution to digital course materials that will position us as a leader in innovation and Courseload has been a tremendously helpful ally in this process. ”
    — Yasemin Tunc, Asst. VP for Academic Technology Solutions, Ball State University
  • “Courseload has helped us truly engage our students with our text-based materials. It is now a key component of our course offering”
    — Robin Reumers, Virtual Campus & Systems Director, SAE Online
  • “The interactive features of Coursload Engage have greatly increased my students' perceptions of the value of using a textbook. The Courseload support staff made the transition seamless.”
    — Keith D. Harvey, PhD; Chair, Department of Marketing & Finance; Boise State University
  • “Courseload's client support has been great. They are always receptive to our suggestions, probably more than any other vendor I have dealt with in my career. Many of our ideas end up in future releases. It is a pleasure to deal with such a collaborative organization like Courseload. ”
    — Len DeBotton, Chief Information Officer, Berkeley College
  • “As a student who is constantly using technology, I find Courseload Engage much more intuitive and easy to navigate than many of the other tools I’m using for my classwork. ”
    — Violeta Geanina Tregoning, Student, Boise State University
  • “In general, my students and I like the OCR (digital course materials through Courseload Engage). They love that I put comments and highlights in to assist them and I like the analytics option because it gives me some insight into the students' learning habits.”
    — Edina Szalai, Ph.D., Professor of English, Berkeley College
  • “Courseload employees are consistently professional, responsive, and helpful. Setting up readings on the Courseload Engage platform and organizing readings in a logical manner (e.g., by week or module) is quite simple. Also, linking the Courseload Engage platform to the learning management system (Blackboard, in our case) is very straightforward. Working with Courseload has been an absolute pleasure!”
    — Valeria Pietz, Instructional Designer, The University of Arizona
  • “Learning how to use Courseload took very little time and was quite intuitive. Students benefitted from my ability to guide their reading and focus their attention. I look forward to using more of the functions in future classes”
    — Leslie Eldenburg, Professor of Accounting, The University of Arizona
  • “I can say without any reservation that the support we receive from Courseload as we launch new courses has been fantastic. I always get a very prompt response and the few times I needed phone support, you were available and had a ready solution for my challenge. I always feel like I am your only client! ”
    — Brad Hollenbeck, Instructional IT Support Specialist, Boise State University
  • “Having Courseload is an asset because the students actually have all of their materials at the start of the Term. Courseload eliminates the need for students to invest their time purchasing books at the start of the semester and makes accessing learning materials more affordable for our students. ”
    — Shelly Rosen, Professor - Larry L. Luing School of Business, Berkeley College  
  • “You are terrific! I wish all of our business partners were as responsive as you.”
    — Vicky Maloney, PhD - Central Carolina Technical College
  • “I think this is the most effective current approach to teaching. I really like to bring the text up on the projector or white board and reinforce the important elements of the chapter. Students also like the notes I add and the highlighted areas I want them to follow.”
    — Faculty Member - IU East
  • “I love working with Courseload! I cannot say enough good things about the past three years’ relationship. Courseload is, by far, the most responsive vendor/partner that we have at Berkeley College and, by far, the most enjoyable relationship that I have had with a vendor/partner. I see how much Courseload cares about Berkeley College and all its constituents.”
    — Carol Smith, Assistant Provost, Berkeley College Online
  • “I am really impressed with the new Courseload app. For a reduced price students get a superior product that has a beneficial effect on the environment.”
    — 2012 MBA Candidate
  • “Courseload's model and uptake in the market is causing us to rethink how we approach digital.”
    — Publisher Partner
  • “I can tell you that for me [the I2/EDUCAUSE/Courseload pilot] is going GREAT!!! I am leaving notes for the students in the book. I use the book in my lectures, easily going back and forth between my powerpoints and the book, etc. I am very happy with it.”
    — Lorena Madrigal, PhD - University of South Florida
  • “Courseload really pushes every student to be prepared for class. And preparation is the backbone for learning.”
    — Undergraduate Student-Science, Technology & Society Major
  • “Educational publishing faces two challenges – first price and second, interactivity. Courseload's product, delivery system and business model achieve needed interactivity at significant savings.”
    — National Science Foundation Review
  • “It saves money, saves paper, and makes things much more convenient. The class of 2013 doesn't know how lucky they have it!”
    — 2012 MBA Candidate
  • “The same level of exceptional service has always been present when interacting with Courseload. Team members are incredibly responsive, efficient, and competent.”
    — Librarian - Michigan State University
  • “Students who have used Courseload prefer it 3 to 1 over traditional textbooks”
    — Indiana University Research
  • “Courseload has the capability to search the documents and cases, print whatever the student wants, and share notes. This share feature is especially beneficial.”
    — 2012 MBA Candidate
  • “I have found your team terrific and very responsive and proactive - kudos on creating such a user-focused company. It's a model most tech companies would do well to emulate.”
    — University Administrator