What are people saying about Courseload?

  • “The same level of exceptional service has always been present when interacting with Courseload. Team members are incredibly responsive, efficient, and competent.”
    — Librarian - Michigan State University
  • “Learning how to use Courseload took very little time and was quite intuitive. Students benefitted from my ability to guide their reading and focus their attention. I look forward to using more of the functions in future classes”
    — Leslie Eldenburg - University of Arizona
  • “You are terrific! I wish all of our business partners were as responsive as you.”
    — Vicky Maloney, PhD - Central Carolina Technical College
  • “I can tell you that for me [the I2/EDUCAUSE/Courseload pilot] is going GREAT!!! I am leaving notes for the students in the book. I use the book in my lectures, easily going back and forth between my powerpoints and the book, etc. I am very happy with it.”
    — Lorena Madrigal, PhD - University of South Florida
  • “I think this is the most effective current approach to teaching. I really like to bring the text up on the projector or white board and reinforce the important elements of the chapter. Students also like the notes I add and the highlighted areas I want them to follow.”
    — Faculty Member - IU East
  • “I am really impressed with the new Courseload app. For a reduced price students get a superior product that has a beneficial effect on the environment.”
    — 2012 MBA Candidate
  • “Courseload's model and uptake in the market is causing us to rethink how we approach digital.”
    — Publisher Partner
  • “Courseload really pushes every student to be prepared for class. And preparation is the backbone for learning.”
    — Undergraduate Student-Science, Technology & Society Major
  • “It saves money, saves paper, and makes things much more convenient. The class of 2013 doesn't know how lucky they have it!”
    — 2012 MBA Candidate
  • “Educational publishing faces two challenges – first price and second, interactivity. Courseload's product, delivery system and business model achieve needed interactivity at significant savings.”
    — National Science Foundation Review
  • “Students who have used Courseload prefer it 3 to 1 over traditional textbooks”
    — Indiana University Research
  • “Courseload has the capability to search the documents and cases, print whatever the student wants, and share notes. This share feature is especially beneficial.”
    — 2012 MBA Candidate
  • “This makes me want to be a student again.”
    — Faculty Member
  • “Reading from a (printed) textbook hurts my eyes.”
    — 8th Grade Student
  • “I have found your team terrific and very responsive and proactive - kudos on creating such a user-focused company. It's a model most tech companies would do well to emulate.”
    — University Administrator